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Drive Employee Engagement with Employee Engagement Assessments:

Engaged employees are those who wholeheartedly give discretionary effort to help the company succeed. Create a culture where employees give their all using our range of engagement tools that measure and foster both group and individual engagement.

Traditional employee engagement surveys only measure group engagement issues, ignore the individual data that is crucial to engagement, and assumes only their managers are responsible for engagement. This approach fails to achieve the potential to drive engagement because it ignores individual needs and assumes that engagement is achieved only as a result of good management practices. The Harrison engagement approach measures individual engagement as well as group engagement and is based on the assumption that engagement is a shared responsibility between the employee and the organization.

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There is no need to have separate individual engagement assessments and engagement surveys. All the data can be collected using Harrison's SmartQuestionnaire which takes 25-minutes to complete, saving you time and money. Instead of answering engagement questionnaires that focus on rating their managers, employees are asked what is important to them and to what degree each important factor is currently fulfilled. The SmartQuestionnaire also asks work preferences which provides the data necessary to identify the behaviours that employees need to fulfil their own expectations. To obtain regular engagement updates, employees only need to complete the Engagement Pulse Check questions which take less than 5 minutes.

Individual Employee Engagement

Provide effective engagement intervention for each individual employee by targeting the factors that are important to each employee. Place employees in roles that are engaging. Understand individual employee's expectations and the degree to which they are met. Identify how the organization can help fulfil the employee's expectations as well as what the employee needs to do.

We provide the key data to drive engagement on an individual basis. We can easily teach your managers to use the data to create engagement.

Employee Engagement Survey

Find out what really matters to your talent. Discover their expectations and whether or not their highest expectations are currently being met. Our employee engagement survey is integrated into the SmartQuestionnaire and provides actionable data for engagement. You can now create organizational engagement strategies based on which expectations are strongest and the degree to which the strong expectations are currently fulfilled.

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